Helping kids over 50 years because of your help

Our home receives very little financial support from the Mexican government. 
For over 50 years we have operated on the generous donations of our friends.
Thank you for your gifts. They are a continuous encouragement to us!

Ways to give:

Direct to Foundation
Tax-deductible in U.S.A.

Mail checks, money order, or cash:

El Sauzal Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 154
Auburn, WA 98071-0154
(714) 524-9793

Direct to Home 
NOT tax-deductible

Bring gifts or donations directly to the Home:

Benito Juárez 476
Villas de Siboney
22766 Villa de Juárez, B.C.

A few notes:

  • Please make checks payable to “El Sauzal Foundation” and not Home for Children or Orphanage.
  • We are  able to accept credit card donations online.
  • If you would like to designate your gift, contact our treasurer Roger Christianson.
  • When donating, do not specify an individual to give the money to. If you specify an individual, per IRS form 526, your donation is not tax-deductible.

Does it make a difference if I give to El Sauzal Home for Children or El Sauzal Foundation?
Yes, if you want to receive a tax deduction. The foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity registered in the US to help raise funds for our home; foundation donations are tax-deductible. El Sauzal Home for Children is a Mexican corporation and is not eligible for non-profit status in the US; donations to our home are not tax-deductible.

Other ways to give

Use your online bill pay system to donate automatically
1. Create a new Payee, called El Sauzal Foundation, Inc.
2. Your bill pay system may ask for an account number, but you can bypass this step. All that is required is the Payee and the Payee’s Address.
3. Enter the Payee’s Address:
P.O. Box 154
Auburn, WA 98071-0154
4. Select the El Sauzal Foundation, Inc. from the Payee List.
5. Fill in the amount to be donated and process the request. The bank will mail a check to the Foundation.
6. Once you are set up, you can make recurring donations if you choose.

Double your gift
If your workplace has a matching giving program, you may be able to double your donation.
Some companies that match:

Leave a legacy
The following are examples of the three types of outright gift provisions. The sample language is intended to be used for educational purposes. We encourage you to share this information with your legal counsel, and undertake estate planning with the consultation of an attorney.
Specific Bequest
A specific bequest gives a specific item or specific piece of property to El Sauzal Foundation. Such bequests are fulfilled first, before cash and residuary bequests. If the donor disposes of the specified property during his or her lifetime, there will be no bequest to El Sauzal Foundation.
• I give ________________ (describe asset) to El Sauzal Foundation, a California non-profit corporation.
Cash Bequest
A cash bequest provides El Sauzal Foundation with a specified sum of money from a donor’s estate. These bequests are fulfilled second, after specific and before residuary bequests.
• I give _____ Dollars ($_____) to El Sauzal Foundation, a California non-profit corporation.
Residuary Bequest
A residuary bequest is made from the residue, or what remains in a donor’s estate after specific and cash bequests, taxes, settlement costs and debts are satisfied. This type of bequest is sensitive to changes in the size of the estate over time.
• I give the residue (or _____ percent of the residue) of my estate to El Sauzal Foundation, a California non-profit corporation.