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What does your gift do? Your monthly gift is not given to one child, but used to support our family. Not all our kids have sponsors, so your gift blesses them all.

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  • Special thank you gift each year

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πŸŽ‚ June 4
Sofia has a mischievous smile and looks a lot like her older sister Melanie.


πŸŽ‚ January 22
The middle of 3 brothers, Sergio is generous, and has a laid-back attitude.


πŸŽ‚ April 13
Omar and sister Jennifer came to our home in June of 2020. Omar looks out for the younger children.


πŸŽ‚ February 25
Jennifer has a gentle spirit and likes encouraging the other girls.


πŸŽ‚ January 22
Cristian watches out for his younger brothers Joseph and Sergio. He has an infectious sense of humor.


πŸŽ‚ December 24
The youngest of his brothers, Joseph is often found hanging out with the older boys.


πŸŽ‚ October 9
Melanie's favorite color is pink. She enjoys sparkly jewelry and is very affectionate.

State-placed children

Did you meet a child not featured here? They are probably a state-placed child, so we don’t have permission to show their photo. Email us to sponsor them.

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