A ray of light – kids arrive

Brothers Joseph, Cristian and Sergio with their great-grandmother and aunt. 

We have children!

Last week we received 3 brothers, Joseph age 6, Cristian age 12 and Sergio age 11. They were brought to us by their great-grandmother. 

Everything has slowed with quarantine
We received our license mid March, alleluia! With the global spread of COVID, quarantine began in Mexico in late March, and the placement of children stalled. We are still eagerly awaiting our children, the ones who used to live at our home, to be brought back. We have also been informed that DIF has more kids that they are going to bring to us. However, quarantine has made this an extremely slow process. 

We are so joyful to have our family grow again! We look forward to sharing with you as our home expands.

Prayer requests

  • For our new kids: encouragement at this difficult time for not being with family
  • For our children who await returning: hope that they will soon be back at the home they know
  • For our staff and children: health and safety during the pandemic
  • For our home: financial support as our beds get filled