El Sauzal Foundation is 20 years old

First face-to-face meeting. Our board members always serve at their own expense, donating time, talents and travel costs. Back: Roger Christianson, Clay Warren, Don Mahoney. Front: Roy Ketring, Laurie Lehr, Patty Meadows, Chuck Keortge.

El Sauzal Foundation is a U.S. nonprofit, established at the request of the Espinoza family. The Home had been caring for children for almost forty years at our founding, and they desired help with funding and communicating with their friends and backers. Attorney Mike Moore filed the paperwork; we became a 501c(3) nonprofit, holding our first meeting in the fall of 2004. We strive to support the Home from the U.S. as they care for abandoned and wounded children. No one associated with the Foundation receives compensation; everyone pays their own expenses to serve. We help the Home in several ways:

Aiding El Sauzal leadership
Give wise counsel. Wise counsel has been needed as the Home’s leadership has faced several daunting challenges, such as constantly changing government regulations, the red-tape quagmire to obtain their operating license, and pandemic-generated obstacles.
Streamline financial reporting.
Deal with financial challenges, like seeking different fundraising opportunities.

Helping amigos like you to donate
Provide tax deductions for U.S. donations.
Seek ways to make donating easier.
Work with companies that offer matching funds to double the impact.

Assisting with the communication between you and El Sauzal
Send newsletters and emails to keep you up to date.
Run the Home’s website.
Utilize Facebook and Instagram to share updates.

Families serving together. Today two adult children serve alongside their parents. Back: Clay Warren, Clay’s daughter Danielle Bergman, Pete Legan, Roger Christianson, Ron Hill, Don Mahoney. Front: Patty Meadows, Roy Ketring, Patty’s daughter Heather Kim.

We are always looking for new and better ways to help El Sauzal. Got ideas? Please send them to patty.meadows@elsauzal.org.