What does our typical school day look like?

Our typical school day is busy, busy, busy! Supporting 20+ kids at 5 schools, from pre-K to university, our day looks a little something like this:

5am – 6 am  Wake kids up (depending on their grade) to help them get washed, teeth brushed and dressed in uniforms for school.

Breakfast – line up, pray, recite a Bible verse and eat.

Morning runs: Drive kids to school, 15 – 20 minutes each way. The van is bustling, full of kids piling in with their backpacks and school projects. They are cheerful and chatty.

7 am      Drop off #1: Middle school kids

8 am      Drop off #2: Elementary students

9 am      Drop off #3: Kindergarten students

Mid school-day runs: Pick up kids that aren’t feeling well, have outside appointments, etc.

Afternoon runs: Repeat the morning.   

12 pm   Pickup elementary and kindergarten kids

1pm       Pickup middle school students

The elementary kids wait behind the school fence until they are picked up. The middle schoolers also wait together for safety. Director Erika cues up the kids’ favorite songs for the drive home. They currently enjoy listening to Christian hip-hop by a Dominican rapper. The kids sing on the way home, tired but glad to be done.

When they arrive home, they unload and wait outside to talk with Erika for a review of the school day. What’s coming up? Late start days at school? Field trips? Special projects? Homework due? Permission slips? After they have discussed any news, each kid gives her a hug and goes to change clothes and have lunch.

If they have homework or special projects, they will be working later on that. Otherwise kids can rest, play, and get ready for bed by 8pm to start again the next day.