Come visit us

It has been several years since we have had regular visitors. Our kids would love to meet you! Some things you could do on your visit include:

Stop by and visit Nataly and Polar. Our kids adore guests. There are many work projects that you can help with—including painting the red and white bricks.
  1. Play with the kids. They love soccer, basketball, and all kinds of games.
  2. Prepare tasty food for our children.
  3. Run a VBS or other Bible lessons.
  4. Bring craft projects for the kids.
  5. Perform work projects. Our home is in need of paint and TLC. There are plenty of opportunities for you to help—low-skilled to high-skilled, low-investment to high. Some projects include:
    • Painting – everywhere, including the red and white rocks.
    • Kitchen – new flooring, formica on tables and countertops
    • Back patio – terracing in the landscaping
    • Boys’ dorm – walk-in closet for bedroom

If you would like to visit, see our web page for more information. For questions, email