Power up your donations with matching gifts

Corporate generosity is when businesses encourage their employees to donate funds and time by giving to the nonprofits employees care about. Last year, our Home received $19,500 in matching gifts from the businesses our donors work for. That was 10% of our income, an impressive amount of “free” money.
There are three ways companies support generosity:

Free money: Last year 10% of our income was from matching donations from the businesses our donors work for.

  1. Matching benefits: Businesses match donations their employees make. Last year we received matching gifts from Microsoft, Boeing, Salesforce, and Illinois Tool Works Foundation.
  2. Retiree matching benefits: Some companies also match their retirees’ donations! Boeing and Illinois Tool Works have given to us this way.
  3. Volunteer grant programs: Companies donate an amount per hour based on the number of hours an employee volunteers. Boeing and Microsoft offer this.
Omar with Patty and Keith from the Seattle area. Keith’s employer, Boeing, generously matches their donations, even now that Keith is retired.

Does your company match? See if it’s on this list. If so, you can double your donations. Email patty.meadows@elsauzal.org for more information.