Update: Delays to our progress

The El Sauzal Orphanage team has been running a marathon. When the Mexican government passed stricter orphanage regulations, we didn’t comprehend how extensive the impact would be. New regulations affected virtually every aspect of life at the orphanage. This was going to be a marathon! Unfortunately, the timeline made it more like a sprint. Regardless, the orphanage entered the race. Staff has been trained, recordkeeping changed, safety measures enacted, a new nursery built, electrical and gas systems upgraded, and enhanced fire protection applied to all structuresnot to mention the fundraising needed to make all this happen. God miraculously provided every step of the way.

Then, like most marathoners, we hit a wall. A labor dispute between our contractor and one of his employees led to a lawsuit against the orphanage. The suit was settled but the work was drastically slowed. Then we hit the second wall. Without seeing significant work continuing during the legal battle, the government took the children we had. The government made it clear they were not closing the orphanage but were removing the children until we could finish the work and get our license. This was devastating—like getting a severe cramp on mile 13. Nevertheless, the orphanage crew has kept running through the pain.

And now, we can see the finish line in the distance. Although the race is exhausting, hope is rekindled! When you finally see the finish, that is not the time to give up. That is when you dig in and draw upon all the strength you can muster, hear the crowd cheering you on, and make that final push. That is exactly where our team is right now. We need to hear the hope and support of the crowd!

In my role as the new president of the El Sauzal Foundation, I challenge you to help us finish in good form. Here is what you can do:Write to the orphanage and let them know you are cheering them on. You can send notes to me at clay.warren@elsauzal.org and I will make sure the team receives them.

Pray for us. None of this can happen without the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Continue or renew your financial support. Even without children, bills still come due and this extensive process has added other expenses. You have an opportunity to help re-open a home for children who desperately need Christ’s love. (Donate online thru Paypal or mail your donation into our address below.)Visit the orphanage and encourage them in person. Go to Visit Us for information.

I know that with God—and your support—this race can be won! Everyone is victorious! We invite you to run the race with us!

Pastor Clay Warren
President, El Sauzal Foundation, Inc.