Political changes in Mexico delay our receiving license

Waiting has been hard

In the last year, Mexico’s ruling political party has changed, and it has shaken everything up. Last December, president Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected from a non-majority political party. In July, elections in Mexico further changed the government landscape.

“[July’s] elections in six states were considered a referendum on the first months in office of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a leftist who scored a crushing victory in July and won majorities in both houses of Congress. It’s the first time since 1997 that a Mexican leader has had such a broad mandate.

The vote Sunday, the first since López Obrador was inaugurated in December, indicated the length of his coattails. His party — the National Regeneration Movement, known by its Spanish acronym MORENA — won the governorships of Baja California and Puebla and legislative majorities in Baja California and Quintana Roo, according to early returns and exit polls.”  (Click to read original article.)

With the new political party, many of the government employees that we have been dealing with will likely lose their jobs. This changing of the guard will be happening in November. We are concerned that this may further delay receiving our license.