#1 Question – When will you get your children back?

This is a tough question with one answer: only God knows. We are so close to receiving our license. In order to obtain approval, we have dealt with:

  • Hours of trainings, psychological and trust evaluations and waits at bureaucratic offices
  • Surprise and planned inspections from several different agencies with conflicting requirements and demands
  • Expenses for permits, licenses, fees and special documents

The noble purpose of Mexico’s new laws is to protect children. However, many different government organizations are involved. With some of them, we are working with national, state and city branches, and they do not always agree on how to implement rules. On top of that, the regulations keep changing and are open to interpretation by the different agencies.

Be persistent in prayer

Earlier this week I asked orphanage director Erika about news on receiving the children. Her simple response said so much. “We are holding on.”

We don’t know or understand God’s timing . . . or what God is doing. But we can pray!! Please continue to pray with us that God will help us receive our license and welcome back children into our home.